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“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream!”


Spirits of both the paranormal and beverage varieties will once again haunt the Duncan LittleCreek Gallery with Ghost Light Productions’ annual Poe & Pints! Frank L. Sawyer directs Poe & Pints for the 4th time. Frank first conceived of the project in 2014. Said Sawyer, “I wanted to create an unique event for the community. I have always been a Poe fan, so the idea of combining craft beers with Poe’s work, was intriguing.” Working with DLC Managing Partner Jennifer Anderson, and local artists John Wright, Derek Burwell, and Erika Patrick, the team fleshed the project out. It’s just not October without what the Elko Daily Free Press called, “an evening of refreshingly original entertainment." We look forward to having you as our guest!


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What they're saying:

2015 Brant Ivey graphic.We are so grateful to all our guests and we are appreciative when they offer their comments, opinions or simply gush about our show. Hereis what people are saying about Poe & Pints:

  • "First off, this was the first year I attended Poe & Pints and I was blown away. I absolutely love Poe and Lovecraft and you guys did an amazing job with your own take to each piece."
  • "Once again: we LOVED the performance last night. It may have been the best one yet!"
  • "Poe and pints was amazing. Well done cast and crew."
  • "Everyone did so great tonight, congrats!"
  • "Poe and Pints was awesome!!!!! Frank this was worth it!!"
  • "We really enjoyed ourselves. We already can't wait to get our tickets for next year!"
  • "Best Fifty bucks I have ever spent!"
  • "Just wanted to let you know that Poe & Pints was fabulous. I had a great time!"
  • "Thanks to DLC Gallery & the Gallery Bar and Ghost Light Productions for putting on an amazing evening of Poe!!"
  • "Excellent theatre, at Poe & Pints."
  • "Thank you Frank. Great Poe & Pints!"
  • "Best play ever."
  • "It was an awesome show. You, the actors and all the behind the scenes folks should be extremely pleased."
  • "Just want to say THANK YOU. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but was blown away by the talent from your actors."
  • "It was even better than everyone boasts of."
  • " I wasn't quite sure what to expect but was blown away by the talent from your actors. You are obviously well respected in the community and, judging by everyone's elevated applause for you each night, people really appreciate what you do."
  • " Frank, so we'll done and entertaining. Ghost Light Productions has amazing talent."
  • "Loved it. So much fun. Everybody did a great job. I love Poe and the beer wasn't bad either. Lol"
  • "Great job tonight, everyone!"
  • "Hands down best production I have ever seen. To the cast and crew of Poes and pints. You're all amazing. You nailed Edgar Allan Poes work."
  • " I'm enjoying my Poe & Pints very much. SO happy right now, and it's not the yummy beer talking."
  • "Was a great event, TSF was excited to hear the event sold out 2 weeks prior. All the actors performances were beyond incredible. The Cicerone Adam Cooper was extremely knowledgeable about the beer tasting flights. All of the beers were amazing. The Thomas Scott Foundation cannot wait to see what P&P 2 has in store... Great Job Frank and the rest of the crew!!!"
  • "They all did a great job. It was so much fun. Looking forward to Poe and Pints 2."
  • "I heard Poe and Pints was fantastic. I talked to Adam and Brian from Southern Wine and Spirits at Machi's Saturday night. Congrats!"
  • "Hey, Frank, once again, amazing work on the performance; I had a blast and the staging really worked (I haven't had a nightmare about Michael in that goat outfit, but it's probably coming)."

For Information and All the Dish

For more information on how to attend Poe & Pints or how to become a sponsor, call Director/Project Manager Frank L. Sawyer at (775) 934-3721 e-mail him at flsawyer@designlunacy.com or information@poeandpints.org. More information can be found at www.poeandpints.org or www.ghostlightproductionsnevada.com.

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“Quoth the Raven...Nevermore!”

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