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“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream!”

About Our Project:

Spirits of both the paranormal and beverage varieties will once again haunt the Duncan LittleCreek Gallery with Ghost Light Productions’ annual Poe & Pints! Frank L. Sawyer and Derek Burwell team up to bring you the Fall event not to miss! Frank first conceived of the project in 2014. Said Sawyer, “I wanted to create an unique event for the community. I have always been a Poe fan, so the idea of combining craft beers with Poe’s work, sounded right.” Working with DLC Managing Partner Jennifer Anderson, and local artists John Wright, Derek Burwell, and Erika Patrick, the team fleshed the project out. It’s just not October without what the Elko Daily Free Press called, “an evening of refreshingly original entertainment." We look forward to having you as our guest!


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Poe & Pints Gallery - Poe & Pints 1 (2015):

Emily Anderson 2016 graphic.Andy Warhol's words ring true on our Gallery pages..."In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes!" It's their 15 minutes of fame. On this gallery page you will find production photos from our very first Poe & Pints. Our early 2015 version was a "trial run" to see if the community would be interested in such an event. Three more Poe & Pints and three straight sell-outs later, we are still going strong! Check back here often to see if you can catch someone "in the act."

For Information and All the Dish

For more information on how to attend Poe & Pints or how to become a sponsor, call Co-Director/Project Manager Frank L. Sawyer at (775) 934-3721 e-mail him at flsawyer@designlunacy.com or information@poeandpints.org. More information can be found at www.poeandpints.org or www.ghostlightproductionsnevada.com.

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“Quoth the Raven...Nevermore!”

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Our Project

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It's just not October without Poe & Pints! Learn more about our project, how it started and what's new this year!

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Learn more about Poe & Pints featured melancholy, and dark storyteller, Edgar Allan Poe, and our guest authors!

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We couldn't do it without the hard work, time, and creativity of all our wonderful volunteers!

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We thank all of our sponsors for their generous support of arts in Elko and northeastern Nevada!