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Gallery: Antelope

Hello and welcome to Snake Mountain Guide Service! We have been offering fully guided hunts for over 30 years! From deer, to antelope to elk, Snake Mountain Guide Service guarantees you that we have some great hunts available in northeastern Nevada for very afordable prices! Complete accommodations are furnished including guides, outfitter tent lodgings equipped with wood stoves, large tent set-up for dining and socializing, two delicious home cooked meals served family style each day, sack lunches, and more! We look forward to hearing from you, having you as our guest, and hope to see you on the hunt!


Hppy hunting party with pronghorn.

We want you as our guest:

Guest with trophy antelope.An average adult male weighs about 125 pounds and females typically weigh about 95 pounds. Males stand 31-40 inches tall at the shoulders and females stand 28-36 inches. The overall length, including body and head ranges from 40-60 inches.

The body is distinctly marked with white on the underside and rump. When alarmed, the guard hairs on the white rump patch are extended vertically, making the white rump patch visible for great distances. The back is brown with shades of cinnamon and the males have a black cheek patch, muzzle and forehead. This dark mask is much less pronounced in females.

The horns are made up of a bony inner core and an outer sheath, which is shed annually. Both sexes have horns but the female horns are rarely longer than two inches if present at all. The average male horns are approximately 12 inches in length and have a prominent prong on one of the two branches.

Pronghorn Antelope were probably first observed in North America by European explorers in Mexico in the mid-16th century. Lewis and Clark collected the first specimen for science in 1804 and Peter Skeen Ogden reported the first Antelope in Nevada in 1829. In the mid 1800’s Pronghorn Antelope were probably more abundant than today but decreased in number during the height of livestock and mining development and settlement. In the early to mid 20th century, conservation efforts including the establishment of the Charles Sheldon Antelope Refuge, helped increase antelope numbers in the state.

-from the Nevada Department of Wildlife

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